Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Design in Our lifes

Katherine barzola
Intro to art
Design in our lifes

On my recent trip to Moma we came across many art works. some of these artworks we can use in our life's. We were asked to search for "two highly functional artworks and "two" non-functional things. I think that art and design are the same thin and there is nothing that separates them. In order to get and "art piece " you have to have a layout and design it to whatever you want it to be.
Ergonomics is the study of functional things.

The first functional artwork that I chose was the Mine kafon Wind-powered Deminer by Massoud Hassani. I chose this object because it is a hand made object. This is powered by the wind. its is meant to be in land mines area. Now this object rolls onto the mine and will destroy itself and the land mine at the same time. it is made from bamboo and biodegradable plastics, the Mine Kaffon also has a GPS chip integrated into them. I think this is functional because it can be very useful for when people go to war and need to defend the country.

        The second functional artwork piece I chose was The postwar kitchen , Ease, Cheer , and Sociability. I think this is a functional art work because it s a kitchen that you can cook in. Before they used as a kitchen Elizabeth Mock of postwar kitchen design said that they made the mistake to use the kitchen as laboratory and confused the art of cooking with the science of food chemistry. They also used is as a place to cheer and spend time with each other.

      The first "low-functional" art piece that I chose was Flat-bottomed paper bags by Margaret E. Knight. I think that this is a low-functioning piece because if your try to put something in it  might brake due to the thin material of the paper. although is meant for storage for tins.
Margaret E. Knight, Charles B. Stilwell. Flat-bottomed Paper Bag. 1870s-1880s

The second non-functional art piece that caught my attention was Three-legged side chair by Charles Eames. I think this object is non functional due to the fact that is only has three legs. This chair in not normal. It doesn't accommodate to anyone, if a heavier person wanted to sit they cant due to the fact that the chair doesn't have balance. Although the color and its is design with color its not convenient to sit on. It gives off the appearance if you were to sit on it the chair will brake in half.

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