Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chelsea Art gallery Reaction field trip #5

 On october 2, 2013 my class and i went to a field trip. We were pretending to be people or artist that were on a hunt in Chealsea Art galleries for atrwork pieces that we wanted to buy. We had to choose two that we liked and two that we disliked. This was a mission theyre were many art works that i loved and some that were strange.
Philip-lorca diCorcia
Todd M. Brooks, 22 yeard old , denver,Colorado
chromogenic print
framed 31 3/3 x 44 1/2 x 1 5/8

I also choose this piece due to the fact that the guy is just laying on Hollywood, blvd . He looks sad, he may even be homless. I admire this art becouse in my opinion is based on everyday life and the struggle that people go throught. This artwork really cought my eye i could look at it all day long.

The first artwork that I choose was from Philip-LOrca dicorcia i love this artwork, its so unique and normal. I love the fact that they guy is sitting in a car looking so "bad ass" with an attitude. I would hang this up in my apartment. I would buy this without a doubt.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Major Tom, 20 years old, kansas City
Chromogenic print
framed 31 3/4 x 44 1 5/8

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