Saturday, September 28, 2013

 This is my image. This would be my perfect dream or a reality. I would actually love to see king kong on the Eiffel Tower. I LOVE out of world things like meteor shower and alien invasion that would be surreal. On the bottom left is my family trip picture in which we went to washington d.c. Since i love dogs i put one listening to music enjoying the guy pulling out the shark from the water.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Field Trip #1



     This artwork caught my attention the second i looked at it.  Frida Kahlo made many self portraits.What caught my attention from this particular art piece was the monkey and her strong fierce face. her soft expression but yet demanding. She looked really natural and her bold eyebrows really complimented her face. The story behind the monkey was that it was one of her surrogates, she was unable to have children of her own and found the love of children through her pets. Frida Kahlo painted many self portraits of herself and decided to include her pet monkey and really showed that she had a sense of humor. This is the artowk that makes in personal and shows her personality.

This is Fernand Leger "the divers"(French, 1881–1955).i choose this for historical because of the painter L├ęger  borrowed from other ideas  toward cubism, surrealism, but he still remained through all of it.. His art work is based on what happened in the real world and throughout his work he expresses it. I choose this one for historical because of the legs and the body insides coming out. And also witht hte different meshes of color showing different personality and countries that were affected by the war. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What is good art of bad art?

         I think this painting is not BAD ART it just different and show that the person who created this has imagination and is thinking "outside the box". Its unique in the sense that it has a mesh of color and patterns  in one. Some people may think that this painting is bad art but everyone is different.

What is Good or Bad Art?

     I believe there is no such thing as good or bad art but how much feeling and how much personality you put in your art picture or painting. Art needs to have quality, meaning, and shows a part of you.I think picture is  meaningful because it shows that your never to old or young to use your imagination. I  think this painting is good quality because its details are very precise and on point. its a very fun interesting 3D painting that everyone and anyone could enjoy.