Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Field Trip #5

                             Performing Art at the Whitney Museum

                        During my trip to the Whitney Museum, my class was introduced to " Rituals of Rented Island" which consisted of artist who participated in The New York performance art scene from 1970-1980. Many of the artist referred to important social, political and cultural forces of the time. The issues ranged from American imperialism and the war in Vietnam, to sexual and gender inequality, to pop culture and is commercialization. In addition three pieces that I had a strong reaction to were "Vito Acconci", "Jack Smith", and "Robert Wilson".
                      My first encounter was Vito Acconci, black and white film "Claim 1971", it was  64:11 minutes. The video consists of Acconci, in a basement ,sitting in a chair, blindfolded, holding two medal pipes. He is trying to perform hypnosis on himself. As he is repeating the same sentence over and over to himself he actually believes it. What I would get out of this video is social importance, in the fact that he is na├»ve and believes a lie that he is telling himself. By him repeating the words, he come to believe it forgetting that it is a lie. Acconci mentioned how the Vietnam war, was related to this video. I think if I were to be in that exact moment in the basement with him, I would try to escape and if I had failed I would be hypnotizing myself.
                   Furthermore, my next encounter was Jack smith "Untitled. C.1977".Perfromance photographs and video experts 1972-2002.This was a digital slideshow that is 14 minutes long. Personally this one my favorite the two brothers were unique, they had one a nose piece, they were wearing an underwear. They were care free individuals. I would categorize this as socialize in that    they don't care what people think of them. They relate to the cultural art scenes.They were part of a California movement in the early years of punk. That would explain their punk bad ass attitude. I think if I were in that moment, I would absolutely love it, being crazy, and care free that would my time to shine.
                   Lastly, the last encounter was Robert Wilsons, "Program for Overture". The film was originally 16 minutes long, but then transferred to 109 minutes black and white digital video. As I was sitting down on the chair I thought to myself " this video is really playing with my head", I was thinking that because it was a silent film. There was the teacher standing up not making any eye contact with the two older woman sitting down. People just came in and out of the screen and nobody would notice. They were not communicating It was very interesting, I got me thinking over and over on how what was happening. I would classify this art scene as sociable. I classify it as this, because they're are trying to make a point that communication is important for our society to function. What I would do if I were in that film , I would try to scream in silence of course,Iwould not enjoy being there at all.
                   Overall, my trip to the Whitney Museum opened up my eyes on how a particular field of art can impact a person and show them how our "past" can influence many informational art scenes, films, and art pieces.

Vito Acconci
Video recorder
September 10, 1971

Kipper Kids
" Collection Of the Artist"
Video Recorder

Robert Wilson
"Program from Overture"
Video Recorder

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


      In the Art:21 episode I saw was based on "Balance". The episode was very interesting and raw. It shows three contemporary artist. The artist works were relative to the stated theme of "Balance". The three artist were Rackstraw Downes, Robert Manglod, Sarah Sze. Each of the artist relate to this them in their own perspective of what is balance. Rackstraw Downes paints his environment what surrounds him.He doesn't like to be refer as a landscape artist but as a contemporary artist. Downes admire the balance of his surrounding. The surrounding is what makes the shadows the depth and height for him to create a great painting. Robert Monglod is influenced by nature. Monglod sketches the structure piece before the final product, he hangs it up, sits and admire it until he is satisfied with the piece. Also his vision and semi-circles have to balance out the design, color of the piece. Sarah Sze builds sculptural pieces .Sze's balance is based on how people react to the unexpected appearance of her sculpture design. In an place where people walk such as a park. The relationship of each artist referring to balance, is very abstract in the sense of each artist having a ideal meaning for themselves and their art work. The word that I would put for this group is "UNREAL" because all have a unique way of representing what balance is to them.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"LES" Galleries Reaction

Katherine Barzola
field trip#4

          My class went on a recent trip to the "LES" Galleries from Canal S.t to E. Houston. Although it took us a long walk to get there , the galleries were really urban and chic in my opinion. At first you would be able to tell identify that canal street would be holding art gallery. The galleries in lower east Manhattan compared to Chelsea were more spread out. It looked like a neighborhood and it felt comfortable walking. When comparing the walk from each gallery the one in Chelsea it was isolated no people were walking. While I was there I went inside  different galleries. One of them was a gallery called " UNTITLED", the space and atmosphere was really "chill" in comparison to Chelsea. The receptionist was really helpful, friendly, and  nice, compared to the receptionist from Chelsea. The collection from this particular gallery the artwork was hanged from the ceiling. It smelled like paint. It was a large room filled with picture frames and silly mirrors. The second gallery that I visited was "BOSI". This was one of my favorite ones that I visited. The vibe there was awesome the way the artwork was positioned were unique. the artwork may be considered a little "scandalous". The artwork was woman naked in costumes and face masks, in different settings. This store in like one of the galleries in Chelsea. It was scandalous as well. The same theme. Although the receptionist in "les" were nice compared to the "BOSI". The third and my favorite gallery I saw was " SHIN GALLERY". The artwork was so unique and I loved everything about it. This was definitely not anything that would be in Chelsea. I don't think that they approach to the same type of collectors and some of these gallery, painters are unknown . It smelled like paint and I think it added a little extra characteristics to the  gallery. The art pieces seemed as if they were coming out od the board. it have a 3-D affect. Over all these galleries were my favorite so far. It was a good feeling knowing that some of the artist are still unknown , it feels like if im watching each of these galleries become into something bigger.


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