Wednesday, November 6, 2013


      In the Art:21 episode I saw was based on "Balance". The episode was very interesting and raw. It shows three contemporary artist. The artist works were relative to the stated theme of "Balance". The three artist were Rackstraw Downes, Robert Manglod, Sarah Sze. Each of the artist relate to this them in their own perspective of what is balance. Rackstraw Downes paints his environment what surrounds him.He doesn't like to be refer as a landscape artist but as a contemporary artist. Downes admire the balance of his surrounding. The surrounding is what makes the shadows the depth and height for him to create a great painting. Robert Monglod is influenced by nature. Monglod sketches the structure piece before the final product, he hangs it up, sits and admire it until he is satisfied with the piece. Also his vision and semi-circles have to balance out the design, color of the piece. Sarah Sze builds sculptural pieces .Sze's balance is based on how people react to the unexpected appearance of her sculpture design. In an place where people walk such as a park. The relationship of each artist referring to balance, is very abstract in the sense of each artist having a ideal meaning for themselves and their art work. The word that I would put for this group is "UNREAL" because all have a unique way of representing what balance is to them.

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