Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Margritte: The Mystery of The Ordinary"

Extra credit #1

For this extra credit assignment we went to the MOMA museum. I went to the new special exhibit "Magritte: The mystery of the ordinary, 1926-1938.Rene Magritte was a  Belgium painter who was a major figure in the Surrealist movement in the 1930s. Surrealist artist were uniquely interested in issues of phycology and how are subconciouse mind interpret the  world around us.
 I choose LOS AMANTS THE LOVERS PARIS 1938, oil on canvas. This specific art piece, caught my attention and had me thinking all thee different things , like "why do they have that cloth covering their heads" and "why are they kissing when they know they have that cloth separating them". I think this piece draws a line between reality and fantasy .I think reality the picture depicts two people obviously in love and wanting to show affection to one another. The fantasy i think is what if they haven't seen each others faces and leave them wanting more from eacheachotherother . Also the fantasy, leaves them wanting more love from each other. I think the elements that she used to make our reality awakened is the woman and men trying to show affection to one another. I don't think that she shows anything to deny or negate the understanding to reality. I think this art piece does alter my perception of the real world due to the fact that they are lovers and they want to be together and show love but there is something holding them back from being together. This piece could have many different stories about it , it also matter how the person  views the picture.

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